OZ WIND ENGINEERING ...We specialise in Wind Turbines, for powering Off-Grid/On-Grid applications. Custom designing of complete Wind, Solar and Lithium Battery Systems.

We stock a range of Wind Turbines from 500W to 2.5kw, as well supply 3kW up to 30kW to suit general renewable power installations. The main difference with OZ Wind turbines is they have custom made blade and hub assemblies using the unmatchable OZ Wind GOE222 Aluminium Blade which puts these Turbines kW/Hours ahead of all other similar sized turbines for energy pruduction.

With over 10 years of experience with wind turbines and a well equipped engineering workshop, we are constantly dedicated to on going modifications both electrical and mechanical that will give you superior performance from our range of wind turbines in all wind conditions. From designing & Building Axial Flux wind turbines to the trusty old F&P Conversions and factory manufactured turbines along with the new OZ Wind 1 & 2kW Turbine Kits . All our turbines have the powerfull OZ Wind GOE222 Airfoil section with the goal always being "Strength with Un-Matched Performance and Safety".

With custom systems that give you complete control of the turbine in very high wind and high output and with superior low wind performance. We pride ourselves in selling the best quality wind turbines available and backed up with expert working knowledge and on going personalised advice. We also stock a complete range of accessories required such as Towers, Voltage controllers, gauges, PMA Alternators, High Power Resistors , Rectifiers and spare parts for Huaya, First Wind... etc. Please browse the products for a complete range of quality products associated with wind solar and power storage

Real world improvements to turbine performance can only be seen by using constant 24/7 data logging / loggers designed and built at OZ Wind and with 2 towers allowing 2 identical turbines to be matched against each other in real wind conditions. The accumulated data will show if modifications have improved total accumulated power which must not be mistaken as peak power. Manufacturers very rarely use wind tunnels but rely on rated power figure given from the generator being driven by a large variable speed test motor and then fudge the wind speed vs output power curve graph. Both methods give figures that are not consistant with a turbine output in real day to day conditions and for the average person to challange the colorfull figures requires expensive data logging equipment which is not available. The latest OZ Wind Turbine controllers have the data logging circuitry built into our controllers which allows a laptop to be connected 24/7 and with a wireless option .

If you are considering adding a Wind Turbine into an existing system, or planning a new system, then please contact us for honest and quality advice about Wind Turbines and Solar Systems Off Grid or On Grid . We also can supply solar products if required and are very easy to combine and being basically plug and play these days. Mismatched and poorly designed systems can potentially damage expensive components like Batteries.


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